Where’d You Go?

“I’ve made my mistakes, got nowhere to run, the night goes on as I’m fading away…”  (Simple Plan, Untitled)

What to say? What to do?
Brought up only to be pushed down again
Thought that there was something more to you
This distance driving me insane
I can’t carry on this way

Everything established everything torn
All I wanted was for you to smile
But now even that neither of us can be sure
If what happened was just in that momentary while

Holding it in or letting it out
The difference is minimal, I can’t really tell
From what I’ve seen and hearing all these sounds
Makes me wonder how far I fell

Whatever the connection whatever the bond
I guess I was wrong because I was right
I knew it before but now reassurance is gone
What to do when you’re out of reach, out of sight?

I miss you, and I can’t take it back
What happened between us was mutual and real
I just wish that you wouldn’t deny the fact
That you loved me once and that it was a big deal

If it wasn’t to you, it is to me
Just want you to know that if you didn’t already
Something about you keeps drawing me near
And I can’t give it up: losing you I fear

I’m still here waiting just as I did
Right from the start when I pursued and held on
I came out from the shadows and corners I hid
Only to realize what I had done.

So whatever I am now, I remain the same
The same person, the same kind of love
For your happiness I’ll endure the pain
Because that’s what it’s all about – loving enough.

I love you. Always have, always will. Perhaps it was at first sight, perhaps it was at a later stage. Whatever the case, I’m yours.


Go be happy.
Just to see your smile, I’ll do it.

I love you.

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