Moment of Truth

I don’t love you like I did yesterday.

There was a point where an argument could be made that humans are inclined to pain, and although this used to be true for me (ie. take the hardest and most painful route), I suppose it’s not hard nor painful if you’re completely numb to that thing they call emotions.

And yes, despite what everyone else thinks, I genuinely am enjoying the place I am at right now.

First thing I did since being single: go out and hook up. And first time out as a single.

Amazing, awesome, and highly recommended. And not to mention, successful!

Surprisingly enough, one would think that a sudden end to a 2.5 year relationship would be more endearing, and what would regularly take someone 1-2 months, it took me…1-2 hours. I suddenly love my life.

Yet somewhere amidst my thoughts, I had the sudden realization that despite the jackass I portray myself to be, when I genuinely pursue someone, I’d never fake it. It’s sweet when you have someone to pursue, but then when you’re told to stop, being a jackass is the next best thing.

Oh, but the sarcasm is too irresistible. Sad and incredulous as this may sound, the joy one can get out of humouring a supposedly “painful” situation is too good to drop.

I love it.

Moral of the story…

I’m fine without you now, I don’t need you here…

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