Do You Hear The People?

In light of the Umbrella Revolution which started on Friday night, September 26th, 2014, an anthem has been spreading around the networks of Hong Kong. The lyrics are really powerful, and I’ve taken the liberty to translate them to the best of my understanding. If there are any errors, feel free to comment. I will make changes accordingly, thank you.

We are crying to be heard. HKers are crying to be heard.

English translation of the anthem:

Ask me who hasn’t spoken up yet
For if not I, then who will defend our city
For we were born with the right to be
So who has the power to play as God?
Who should tolerate their voices being suppressed
Who is ale to remain unaware
Hearing the sounds of freedom echoing all around
Arousing the inevitable fact that you cannot turn your back on such an enlightened response

Why is a beautiful dream still just a dream?
We need grace and mercy to cast its light on the shadow
Why is it only black or white, yes or no?
Why not use right and wrong as a standard?
For the future of our generation
We need to keep our eyes open.

No on has the right to be mundane
And lazily sit there watching the millions around us catch on fire
So ask me again and I’ll raise my hand
To be chosen as one that will help to construct our lives
People are still people with responsibility and freedom to decide our future

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