Being Human

We tell ourselves a lie and ignore every truth contradicting it.
~Lloyd Lowry~

* side note: This is a continuation of my previous blog Becoming Human and Society

The whole idea and habit (culture) of not asking for help on the premise that everyone around is too busy to make time, handle or even make an effort comes from a society and culture that is almost unable to balance their lifestyles.

Whether it’s the competitive Asian market; whether it’s the strive to be the best; whether they are traditionalist values passed down from generations of conservatives and fundamentalists; whether it’s having to catch up to standards of an ever-changing world. There are many elements which factor in to this strange culture.

Strange, because it defies human nature. Strange, because it eradicates our innate abilities. Strange, because it is a culture of suppression rather than suppression.

Strange, because every face I see is not the face of a friend or foe – it is the mask of a robot so heavily constructed and guarded that the real them is lost amidst a magnitude of hidden debris; concealed imperfections for the sake of face and reputation.

Truth is accordingly defined as nothing more than concrete explications: black and white, no grey areas. Which, again, defies human nature.

Humans are ambiguous and volatile, ever-changing and sometimes progressing. The fact that humans need to regress in order to progress is part of the process inevitably necessary to catapult into something stronger. Something bigger.

Something that will take you closer to being the best that you can be.

But no, being a real human is tedious and painful. It is also beautiful and challenging. Yet I live in a society that doesn’t have time to take measures to contribute to a world with so much potential and capacity. The suppression of expression – as evidenced realistically by the Umbrella Revolution or (OCLP Movement) – shows the need for humans to break free. Truth be told, the only reason 2% of this city stood up to and against the government was the liberal education they underwent starting from 2007 onwards. An education which promoted internationalism and globalization; an education which encouraged expression; an education which enabled and activated part of their humanity.

And they broke free from the constraints and shackles of a conservative government – of a fascist regime so archaic no other nation in the modern First World follows owing to an internationalized world that happens to recognize that financial power is not the only way to progress.

Success is not defined by the money we make: it is defined by our choices.

To break free from a constraining regime that they are completely unaware they are submerged in – a regime so strong and secure that it keeps this society in that bubble, that comfort zone they find so protective. That safety net in which they use precautions to stay afloat and stay “alive”.

No. They are not living. They are not being. They merely exist. This is not called being alive. This is called drifting. This is getting from Point A to Point B as unequivocally as possible without accounting for the Point Cs and Ds – unexpected turn of events, however emotionally intense – which would ultimately mould a real human.

A human. Not a person. Not a robot.
A human.

No. This is a society of safety measures, of rule-abiding citizens afraid to challenge stereotypes. Afraid to put in the effort to build a reality of their own choosing. Living in fear of change (or in the actual, non-falsified world), and accepting the sad, imbalanced, stressful life as their reality.

No. This is not reality. This is a construct. This is man-made. This is a defiance of human nature.

This is a defiance of our selves.

And this, all this, is one of the greatest detriments to society – that we tell ourselves a lie and ignore all the truths contradicting it. Those who expose the truth are penalized for it – challenged, critiqued and commented on by those simply can’t handle, for whatever excuse, the unravelled truth of their own insecurities.

Everyone Loves The Lie

So wake me up when it’s all over
When I’m wiser and I’m older All this time I was finding myself
And I didn’t know I was lost ~Aloe Blacc~

Everyone loves the lie, but no one likes knowing they’ve been lied to. Perhaps this is all just a phase, just a moment of fun. But everything is fun and games until the fun is no more and the games become reality. Every lie starts with a truth, and every truth results in a projection. You can only project so much – only lay so many burdens on the other, until one day it crushes them like an insect and you realise you’ve killed the person you once loved. Crying over someone you heartlessly slaughtered does not bring them back to life. 

Despite every futile attempt I have made at rectifying myself, no one is perfect, but some people do come close. And for as long as that one perfect person in your life appears to be everything you think you’ve always wanted, when the facade crashes, you realise that the worst advice you can ever give someone is “be yourself.”

Maybe I’m still young, and maybe the only words I have to live by is the advice I’ve ever given anyone. Perhaps we’re all just bottling up pain, and moving on from a past we all regret having lived. Perhaps one day, this reality now is a past we will one day regret; perhaps it’s a past we will rationalise as “making us who we are today.”

Whatever it is, doing the right thing works for many aspects, but never all. You can never live a balanced life whereby each and every aspect is completely fulfilled. There is no 100% – there is 99% and there is 120%, but there is no 100%.

We are over achievers; we are almost achievers. No one is merely an “achiever.”

Cryptically as I may speak right now, words evade my thoughts, and do no justice to the confusion running through my head. Happiness clouds my vision, satisfaction is not sustenance. We are not all miserable, but we all have varied definitions of happiness.

But the honest truth is that there is no happiness without the cost of someone else’s. We are all sadists at heart, and whether or not we pride ourselves in the misery of others, we take joy in knowing that their misery is not our own, even if we are the sole cause. Happiness is not overrated, but misery loves company.

And happy people do not love the company of miserable people, but they always earn the company of many others. How we deflect, what we do, what we say, the persona we all present, is all irrelevant at the end of the day. Why? Because miserable as someone may be, they do not venture into happiness. Some people are perpetually miserable, and if I could choose right now, I would not sacrifice my happiness for anyone or anything, because ultimately, until you learn to be your own source of happiness, you will never be happy. 

So wake me up when this is all over, because maybe I’m young and maybe I’m naive, but I’m also young enough to let myself be naive.

And sometimes, doing the wrong thing isn’t so bad if you can find the right balance.

Hold still right before we crash ’cause we both know how this ends
A clock ticks ’til it breaks your glass and you drown in me again.