Live Each Day As If It’s Your Last

Even towards every allusion I’ve been in love with
’cause the heart that portrays itself willingly
Is like a nation that trades freedom for stability
Its so seductive to be cold and corrupted and isolated and try to be an independent republic
But liberty to be loved on the surface is worthless
The sacrifice of revolution with no purpose ~Immortal Technique~

If we live everyday as if it’s our last, one day we’ll most certainly be right.

We live in a paradoxical world obsessed with immortality and the “future of our world,” yet we spend the evenings in bars and clubs, getting drunk screaming phrases like “YOLO” or “live for today.” How often do we wake up in the morning, moaning and groaning, dreading the day ahead? How often do we go to sleep at night thinking about how exhausted we are?

Many of us are lucky enough to climb into bed at night, in the comfort of our blankets, believing with almost 100% certainty that we will wake up the next day and continue with our (sometimes mundane) lives, but what if we don’t? What if we don’t wake up the next day, or what if we don’t make it home the next night?

We all have this life which has been handed to us, and far too often people take advantage of it. Just because not all of us have been in life-or-death situations and haven’t had the need to fight for our lives doesn’t mean that we can take it for granted. If we let ourselves become apathetic to the fact that one day, we’re all going to die, then we’re a letdown to everyone who’s ever cared about us, ever loved us, or ever needed us. More importantly, we’re a letdown to ourselves.

Everyday is a fight – whether it’s staring down the barrel of a loaded gun or just trying to get through the streets without being robbed; whether it’s going to work because you love it or simply because you need the money for food and rent. But if we just give up and retractthen our life here on earth would be meaningless because it was simply handed to us, and we never fought for it.

It’s human nature to want to survive, which means fight or flight.

But do we define survival as sheer existence or do we actually want to live? Are we here because we have no choice, and have been taught that it is our human obligation and right to remain alive? Or are we here because we actually want to seize the one and only shot we have at making a difference?

Which breeds the question of how one defines “making a difference.” Some view the “difference” or change as a macro-scale impact, whereby taking down and breaking the entire system as we know it; other see the “difference” in simply sharing thoughts and ideologies. Others, yet, see the “difference” as being there for people in times of need, and hoping that perhaps one day, maybe those people will pay it forward.

When someone sounds optimistic and hopeful, they are deemed idealists; yet, how is optimistic idealism any different to cynical revolutionism when the ultimate outcome is the same: to eradicate corruption of the human world? It is what it is, and though macro-scale change is seemingly impossible, micro-scale change isn’t, and that’s where our choices can make the biggest difference.

Is it all about us, or is it all about them?

– live each day as if it’s your last
– treat everyone around you as if it’s their last day
– wake up in the morning without hesitation
– go to sleep at night without regrets

and most importantly: make sure the people you love know how you feel about them, because the day you stop caring might be your biggest regret.

To live is the rarest thing in the world, most people simply exist. ~Wilde~


The Lie Is A Beautiful Thing

You heard there was a party tonight and I’d be here,
I just saw you lookin at me even though she’s here.
I’ll do it better than her.

Sitting in a coffee shop avoiding the rain, simultaneously updating this blog whilst waiting for work to commence, the sudden realization that if all goes as planned, this time next year I will be halfway across the world venturing onto my final year of a degree. Plans are in progress, and yet the reality of it though seemingly indistinct, is far more pressing than one could have realised.

Though this new “journey” comes with overwhelming expectations (both internal and external), the apprehension that comes with a new level of discovery is both petrifying and invigorating. The thought of leaving my comfort zone behind in hopes of  allowing a better, brighter career is tempting, yet the thought of giving up my independence is threatening my sanity. Alas, sacrifices must be made before a brighter future can be ensured.

Nonetheless, new developments have been made. As an alleged summer fling progressed into what might call a “secret affair,” the thrills and joys brought by such an unexpected frisson goes far beyond anticipation. As stated many times before, a lie is a beautiful thing ruined by truth.The same way a fantasy is a beautiful thing ruined by reality. People want the lie. They need the lie. Here are some examples (according to Barney Stinson)

  • Telling someone you’re 25 when you’re actually 30. Guys wanna hook up with someone fresh and young, and the thought that you’re 25 makes you all that plus more. Soon as they realize you’re triple decades, it’s over.
  • Not knowing the person you’re hooking up with is someone your ex slept with. The knowing kills.
  • Telling someone they’re gorgeous even if they’re (lets face it) barely average, just so they’d sleep with you.
  • Having your partner convinced that you’re faithful / loyal, even though it’s evident that you’re the biggest playa on the block. The lie: you’re committed. The truth: you can’t stand having strings attached. BUT the lie is what keeps them happy, and keeps you getting laid.

These are just some basic examples of why the lie is a beautiful thing. People want to hear what they wanna hear, and the only way to get what you want is to give them what they want to hear.

Truth leaves everyone in misery, the lie is what keeps a smile on their face.

The irony: this is all true. Had this twisted reality been left perceived as a lie, everyone would be happy. Now that the truth has been unleashed, the world will continue in its belief that we are all being lied to.

Notwithstanding, we all love the lie, so long as we never find out.

Heaven holds a sense of wonder
And I wanted to believe that I’d get caught up
When the rage in my subsides
~ Delirium ~


Don’t be sad when the sun goes down
You’ll wake up and I’m not around
I’ve got to go…
We still have the summer after all.
~Lady Gaga~

Summer once again. With new friends, smiles, fun times and lets face it, your life is just awesome because you actually have one.

Meeting new people as wells as rekindling old friendships becomes the highlight, and while squeezing work and responsibilities in between, you can be assured that your week will always end with a ton of smiles and thrills.

The irony though, is when you don’t account for variable change. When everything seems to be going smoothly, a surprise from an unexpected leaves you at a cliffhanger: to follow or to lead. Considering the stakes one may risk, weighed out by the passionate desire for a summer filled with fun and endless playfulness, it dawned on me the urgency of the matter.

Since the summer is only temporary and limited, everything within — every action, every thought — becomes inevitably more urgent and necessary. Given that if this were a permanent holiday, we’d have all the time in the world for playful bantering, secret smiles, cheeky chuckles… yet all things considered, this is what they, (the rest of the world), would call

A Summer Fling.


Then comes the matter of those involved. Without evidence, or reasonable doubt, there’d be no reason to arouse suspicion.

Suppose the accused and the defense meet, with the jury being the impartial judge. Hard to predict a case as such, also one can argue that the accused has a much more substantial argument than the defense, and unless the defense and file for a relatively manipulative DA, sooner or later it will become evident that the most manipulative side happens to be the accused.

On the other hand, the thrill and secrecy of knowing that the accused may possibly be ripped to shreds is, in a sense, masochistically delightful.

Nothing hotter than someone who knows exactly what they want, with the knowledgeable capacity to cover their tracks.

And with light shone on this entry, it’s only a matter of time before questions arise. But as stated above, without reasonable doubt or evidentiary support, there is no way of knowing exactly why life is the way it is.

Can we pretend that airplanes in the night sky
Are like shooting stars?
I could really use a wish right now
–Hayley Williams–


It’s not so much about being caught in between selves, nor is it social or corporal pressure. A simple misconception is all it takes, to send one flying from Mars to Venus.

The expectations of everyone around, the desires of those with expectations, and the pressures of those who desire something, anything. Everyone is selfish to some extent; everyone has their own wants versus needs that affect even those they care about most. It’s inevitable, but it’s a known fact.

Fear is often the drive which pushes people away, just as greed is what makes people yearn for satisfaction or even perfection. Fear – what everyone experiences and uses as an excuse, a means for escape. Greed – what pushes people to try their best and get the most out of anything they do.

On the other hand, people are selfish. They take others for granted for self-satisfaction and self-preservation, irrespective of if they get hurt. People manipulate their surroundings to benefit themselves. Others get hurt, but in the end, the individual is happy.

When others cannot live up to those expectations, it then forms disappointment, which leads to conflict. This in itself is a misconception: we cannot live up to an expectation, therefore we desire it from someone else; when our target has failed us, we give up. This leads to an unending circle of let-downs and lowered expectations, when eventually our emotions deteriorate and our capabilities increase.

One cannot always give another what they want. It is impossible. But we can always try to meet our own desires. And when those are not met, there’s always someone to blame.

This isn’t a choice: it’s the way things are.
Eventually, things fall apart, and we stand there wondering why. Then we only look back and realize how many people we’ve hurt. So we try to avoid that from happening again by distancing oneself, building walls and breaking connections. We think this helps, but in the end, it only hurts others around us.

One day, it will matter no longer, because we still end up with what we have worked for – even if it meant breaking a few hearts on the way.

If one yearns for freedom, he will exploit it from another; if one yearns for wealth, he will make another poor ; if one yearns for happiness, he will make another sad.

If one yearns for love, they will break another’s heart for their own love.

Misconception – you can be happy while making others happy.
Reality – someone will always be deprived of what it takes to satisfy you.

An Insightful Blogger