Social Expectation

Rushed relationships often fail when defined not because of the common conception of reverse psychology, but rather because of a sudden sense of social expectation. That “public declaration” labelling the person as a “significant other” immediately gives peers the sense of entitlement to determine and define the “socially acceptable behaviour” for such a situation, and … More Social Expectation

People Don’t Change

It’s not about what you’ve done It’s about what you’re doing It’s all about where you’re going No matter where you’ve been. ~Calvin Harris~ Relationships fail because people pretend to be the person they think the other one expects. People don’t change – not in ways that actually matter anyway. Blaming others means giving up … More People Don’t Change

C’est La Vie

Can’t you see what you do to me Our love was meant to be And you were made for me… ~AG Silver~ Relationships So you get those who yearn for it, yet stay single most of their lives.. and those who are single who spend their lives searching… Going around in circles, looking in all … More C’est La Vie