Why Do People Do What They Do?

We are treasure hunters of the unseen and unknown.

No one really knows or holds the keys and answers to abstract questions about people who act on gut or intuition. There is no correct answer for anything that people may claim to feel at the time they are feeling it, and those who do understand are often “empaths”, like sponges, absorbing energies and emotions.

 Not being able to see out the window sometimes functions as a mental or metaphorical constraint restricting people’s abilities to tap into their supernatural or paranormal instinct.

People are instinctive and instinctual by nature – animals are the same, hence their senses are heightened. They have not been corrupted or ruined by technology or modern development. They have not been contaminated by the corruption and imperfections of our material world.

 Humans are like animals, but they are also social constructs, resulting from everything that once was and everything that now is. Humans of our physical world attempt to control or maintain everything that is without account for changes in energies: elements which cannot be seen or measured on a concrete scale.

 Humans are complicated .Humans are confusing. But that’s because they search for answers in all the wrong places – and disregard actual, sensible and justifiable explanations on the premise that they do not understand these concepts. Abstract ideas are truth waiting to take their place in the secular world – ideas are floating around waiting to manifest into something tangible, understandable, and comprehensible by the average human.

 We are living entities of what is yet to come – we are constructors of our world and writers of our life stories. If you spend your whole life living by other people’s standards and expectations, then end up with a boring, sad and “meaningless” life, you probably deserve it. Yet, when we live our own, based on the routes, methods and how we are taught to make decisions – if people dropped their rationale only slightly, just ever so slightly, and understood (or accepted) that there are inexplicable things in the universe and in the human body that make us who we are, elements that formulate the definition of our “future,” then it is highly likely that the world, the universe and al their entailing elements will slowly begin to fall into play.

 These are concepts which have been accepted – deduced or theorized – since the sixteenth century in Kant’s Metaphysics of Morality, or by John of the Cross and Teresa of Avila from the same century.

 Mystics exist – as do clairvoyants, intuits, and “empaths” – these are all “inexplicables” in which people of today have found ways to explain by using rational thought and language that is understood by the general populous. But the irony of these explanations is that it takes the naturality away from it all. It doesn’t have the impact it ought to – hence, humans, much like Rousseau deduced, are regressing since the development of agriculture and the rise of the information / technological eras.

Somehow, we, as humans, have actually no need to complicate – or “complexify” – things the way we do – and yet we do it anyway for reassurance. We feel compelled to reassure our egos and insecurities that everything can be explained or understood by laymen. But maybe they were not meant to be. Maybe some of us were placed here on earth to uncover the riches and true treasures in which this universe hides – masquerading as a progressive world when really, we are treasure hunters of the unseen and unknown.

 Thus, we make it known and do what we can to impact and change the surroundings and environments in ways that we can consciously control based on the uses of unconscious or subconscious sensing and knowledge.


To Secede From The Status Quo

I’m at the borderline of my faith,
I’m at the hinterland of my devotion,
In the frontline of this battle of mine,
But I’m still alive.

The capacity to relax and enjoy life is none but a distant memory. Futile attempts at reaching out and grasping every small opportunity just slips away from one’s fingertips at each effort made. As thoughts of the conscious mind consume one’s inner being, every truth and abstract detail is left to the subconscious to tangle whilst the conscious devours one’s soul as a hungry tiger unfed for years.

Despite a genre change in music to the ears, the flagrant fact that one is trying to suppress this stress only weans a new species of pressure. As music in one’s ears are soft and sweet, as the tranquil melodies transcend one’s subconscious to a higher state of escaping reality, the sight of the city careening forward with no looking back only brings one straight back down to earth.

Verging on mental detonation, a dire need to withdraw from reality, even for a few small and short hours is ever more imperative. There is no rest, no break, no ease from this covetous reality in which one must exist in should one choose the future one dreams of.

Suppose one’s dreams and goals were to change: suppose one would much rather reside in a forest with wildlife as his only company, leaving in the past every dime, every investment ever made. What then would become of this world? If every rich man were to leave behind his money and take nothing but food and drink to live alone, would the world then become more just? Or would it be left in the hands of the incompetent?

If every skilled rich man gave up his ambition, placing this development of a World in the hands of the inept, thus the cycle would sooner or later balance out and the world would not move forward, only remain frozen in time . The world would have no hopes of progression, nor would it have need to advance. Perhaps the world is only as sophisticated as a result of the selfishness and ego of the greedy rich man. For if the rich man were not rich, and pleonexy were but a Greek myth, thus the world would not have developed into what it is, but there would be no need to change anything.

As Rosseau once philosophized, the creation of technology and discovery of agriculture was the birth of ego and status: the knowledgeable versus the ignorant – those who could farm and those who could not. This created a cycle of dependency, whereby those who could not farm depended on those who could to feed them: those who could recognised their skill and demanded a return.

Thus, knowledge is power, but power is competitive. Competition breeds improvement, and improvement requires change. Change brings forth development, and development creates greed and ego. Greed and ego initiate impulsivity, and  impulsivity propagates dense decisions. Thus one is thrown back into a state of ignorance, only to relearn the steps already taken.

And so the cycle continues, each man for himself, all for the sake of relearning what was forgotten. With no change and no alterations. All the progress over centuries and millenniums of human existence, only to discover that after all these breakthroughs, we have gotten nowhere as a race. We are still what we always were: the instinct, the pride, the ego, the desire.

For if man were satisfied with food, shelter, sex and self preservation, perhaps the world would not be as advanced as this century, conversely there would also be no challenge and competition.

And there would be no need to secede from the status quo.

You may say that I’m a dreamer
But I’m not the only one
I hope someday you’ll join us
And the world will be as one
~John Lennon~