in need of change — [Poem]


Be kind, be meek,
Be kind,
not weak.


Equality matters.

Black lives matter.
Black women matter.
Human children matter.
LGBTQ matters and only exists because of BLGBTQ’s support.
Spiritual freedom matters.
Right to harmless creative expression matters.
Right to mobilise and work matters. 
Right to equal opportunities to attain equal education matters. 
Human lives matter SO THAT ALL humans can be empowered to fight for each other

All humans are equally angered, frustrated, broken apart by and healing in 2020 at the moment.

Black People’s rage is justified because this entire planet has, for over a millennium, sought to oppress or discriminate either by way of policy or through censorship in education or opportunities when no other race in the world was ever traded for or sold as slaves to the extent or amount of time for no reasons other than to satiate the arrogance of whichever ‘majority’ prevailed whichever ‘territory’ on a global scale.

For centuries, many tried to survive life peacefully only to be faced with a planet that still has Apartheid, still has townships, still has segregation by race and gender, still rapes women and discards of children, still kills George Floyd and causes suffering for his family and friends, as states, nations, and all humanity rises to voice out against injustice that has been perpetuated not just by ONE incident but by CENTURIES of repeated oppression.

Millions on earth stand in solidarity and empathy — some mourn, some cry, some rage, some shout.
Millions on earth stand in solidarity and empathy, understanding that emotions are justified, as is the aggression in the name of self-defense, but initiating violence as offense is NOT justified, ever, anywhere in the world against ANY human.

There is also a distinction between self-defense and violence: self-defense is the right to protect one’s own life (such as by ducking from a fist) or speaking up when discriminated against (such as voicing out verbally in a workplace harassment situation) etc.
Violence is NOT self-defense; violence is the intent to cause physical damage to another a human, violence itself is a violation of human rights and equality, thus it stands that violence is unacceptable in any circumstance.

If Covid-19 was not enough of a reminder that human lives are vulnerable and mortal then let humanity speak for itself because despite politic, all humans are united in the experience of emotions and have the freedom to choose an attitude, a response, and solution that doesn’t infringe on the same ‘equality’ they are claiming to defend.

Human equality matters.

And that means we are all either part of the problem or part of the resolution because frankly this is less about ‘solution’ — this is about reconciliation and resolution.

So it’s up to anyone who can comprehend this to embrace each other’s experiences, to empathise with difference of struggle, and to encourage equal expression by showing mutual respect and exerting self-control when protesting the inequalities and injustices in whichever setting you are capable (such as family, friends, community, society).

Equality is a LOT less about politics and social media but a LOT more about the attitudes and reactions we embody in our day-to-day lives. Essentially one cannot ‘demand’ change, one can only ‘effect’ change, and that level of transformation is continuous as opposed to a one-off opportunity.

We can all do this, and we MUST all do this, because centuries of repetitive methods only progressed word-choice but has not necessarily cultivated human empathy, so let us all revert to basics that passion itself should embody:

Empathy, Compassion, Gratitude — ECG.

Be kind, be meek,
but that does not mean be weak.

Thank you.


( click here to read more on ECG )


We are either part of the problem
part of the resolution because frankly
this is less about ‘solution’ —

this is about
reconciliation and resolution.



references (click)

1. Harsh Reality of Life Under Apartheid in South Africa
2. American Slavery: Separating Myth from Fact (this addresses Slavery as a Global Issue)
3.Legal Differentiation of Violence and Self-Defense
4. How Coronavirus Affects Townships in South Africa
5. How A “Pandemic of Racism” Led to George Floyd’s Death 

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