Chemistry and Compartmentalisation

I find it easy, because of my innate ability to compartmentalise. ~Logan Echols~

When someone says they don’t want a serious relationship, they really don’t. Somehow, girls have the capacity to convince a guy that wanting a serious relationship was their idea. So why should it come as a surprise when he cheats, if you never listened to him to begin with?

That said, a conversation with a friend the other day led me to thinking about why people cheat. Is it an innate nature? Or is it insecurity?

When you’re in love with two people at once, always choose the second one, because if you really loved the first one, you wouldn’t have fallen for the second. ~Johnny Depp~

Some people are merely codependent: they yearn for freedom but can’t live alone. Others are independent, but as all humans, still appreciate the attention.

Relationships confuse me.

No. Analysing relationships confuse me. The human condition is ever so volatile, that the slightest change of circumstance can alter one’s pathway. Humans are emotional creatures whose only vices are their passionate desires. The ability to cause someone to cave in to their passions ultimately creates, or rather releases, a chemical phenomena in which both parties engage. Whether this is physical or emotional, everything in life is chemistry.

Chemistry, the fact, not the metaphor.

Chemistry: chemicals in our body which respond to different senses. In reality, aren’t emotions merely chemicals being released into the brain? Aren’t our responses a sheer result of “remembered emotions?” One does not feel a new emotion; one simply links the fact (or situation) to a similar situation in the past and reacts accordingly.

Which is why it becomes seemingly easy to manipulate our own feelings: simply because once the chemistry behind emotions can be explained and understood, the effect becomes that one can simply learn to channel the “remembered emotion” into a different memory.

People ask why others have the capacity to shut down emotionally, and simply live logically and rationally. To me, I quote Logan Echols, “It’s all a result of my innate ability to compartmentalise.”

Life really can be that simple, and straightforward.

Just because someone can feel, doesn’t mean they enjoy feeling; just because someone can manipulate, doesn’t mean they enjoy playing games.

Thus, I do not like to play games with people – but in all honesty, it’s merely me returning the serve if I know someone is trying to manipulate me.

Let’s face it people, it takes one to know one.

Just keep it simple: keep it simple and no one gets hurt…

Life is simple: just understand the cause behind an effect and the reaction which follows will easily be whatever you want it to be.

We are all determinants of our actions; we are the only cause for our reactions.

In the end
As you fade into the night…
Who will tell the story of your life
And who will remember your last goodbye?
~Black Veil Brides~

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