Success Is Not Defined By The Money We Make

I didn’t want to do it but I got too lonely
I had to call you up in the middle of the night
I know it’s awful hard to try to make love long distance
But I really needed stimulation
Though it was only my imagination
~Billy Joel~

Chinese New Year, the year of the snake… I don’t often follow the Chinese zodiacs, but all I know is that some of it actually makes sense… about the same amount of sense Western Astrology makes, if one really studies it in depth, which I have not.

Thus, back into routine again. Studies, work, gym, focus…

They say the key to success is a balanced life: a balance between priorities as well as making time for those around us. When one is constantly surrounded by the same people, it seems harder to grow.

Nonetheless, an interesting conversation with some friends the other evening revealed certain facts, which (dare I quote him), Barney Stinson actually seems to be right about.

One thing is certain.. people want the lie.

Everyone hears what they want to hear, but no one likes finding out they’ve been lied to. Sometimes a fantasy isn’t such a bad idea. The hardest part though, is being able to differentiate between a fantasy and reality.

Living in a fantasy is nice, and living in Hong Kong all these years, I’m starting to realise is a bit of a fantasy. It’s a bubble of its own. With personal safety taken for granted so easily, because it almost seems like there is little to fear. The greatest fear in this life, is the fear of not moving forward, not moving on.

This constant striving is consuming. It consumes our thoughts, our actions, our behaviour. It becomes a determinate, and begins to define us.

For one who was once a rebel, refusing to abide by any set of systematic morality, to plunge into a sea of conformity only to achieve a the same dream, but for different reasons.

What is success anyway?
Those who truly know me will find it hard to believe that I follow this principle, but to me,

Success is not defined by the money we make,
rather by our choices. 
~Mikaela Gordan~

We all do dumb things at times, as a means of a momentary outlet, a quick and temporary escape from reality. Some of these things are harmless, until feelings take over…

Nonetheless, I have little to say as of now.

Adios, until I stumble upon an idea with actual meaning, actual substance. In which I will most likely share my thoughts on something actually relevant to our mundane existence here on Earth.

Just give me a reason
Just a little bit’s enough
Just a second we’re not broken, just bent
And we can learn to love again.

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