It’s not so much about being caught in between selves, nor is it social or corporal pressure. A simple misconception is all it takes, to send one flying from Mars to Venus.

The expectations of everyone around, the desires of those with expectations, and the pressures of those who desire something, anything. Everyone is selfish to some extent; everyone has their own wants versus needs that affect even those they care about most. It’s inevitable, but it’s a known fact.

Fear is often the drive which pushes people away, just as greed is what makes people yearn for satisfaction or even perfection. Fear – what everyone experiences and uses as an excuse, a means for escape. Greed – what pushes people to try their best and get the most out of anything they do.

On the other hand, people are selfish. They take others for granted for self-satisfaction and self-preservation, irrespective of if they get hurt. People manipulate their surroundings to benefit themselves. Others get hurt, but in the end, the individual is happy.

When others cannot live up to those expectations, it then forms disappointment, which leads to conflict. This in itself is a misconception: we cannot live up to an expectation, therefore we desire it from someone else; when our target has failed us, we give up. This leads to an unending circle of let-downs and lowered expectations, when eventually our emotions deteriorate and our capabilities increase.

One cannot always give another what they want. It is impossible. But we can always try to meet our own desires. And when those are not met, there’s always someone to blame.

This isn’t a choice: it’s the way things are.
Eventually, things fall apart, and we stand there wondering why. Then we only look back and realize how many people we’ve hurt. So we try to avoid that from happening again by distancing oneself, building walls and breaking connections. We think this helps, but in the end, it only hurts others around us.

One day, it will matter no longer, because we still end up with what we have worked for – even if it meant breaking a few hearts on the way.

If one yearns for freedom, he will exploit it from another; if one yearns for wealth, he will make another poor ; if one yearns for happiness, he will make another sad.

If one yearns for love, they will break another’s heart for their own love.

Misconception – you can be happy while making others happy.
Reality – someone will always be deprived of what it takes to satisfy you.

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