If Loving You Sets Me Free

If dreams are my reality
I’d go to sleep before midnight
And if reality is what sets me free
I’d be awake at the slightest hint of light

If loving you is what keeps me going
Then I’d do so if it makes you happy
It’s moments that these which my emotions keep flowing
And I know that I’m not a cold blooded freak

Vampiric as I may sometimes appear
It’s only for me to hear you speak
To know that you too want me near
That what we have makes me complete

Perhaps I’m young as you often say
But I know what I want and it’s Y-O-U
I apologize in advance that I’m rather gay
But know that everything I say to you is more than true

This overwhelming sensation is more than a feeling
It’s a process of happiness and enjoying your presence
It’s taking what life brings and each secret revealing
The love, the joy, the intangible essence

If loving you is what sets me free
Then let me do so because I do
Seeing you smile is all I need
For your happiness I think of only you.

~An Insightful Blogger~

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