Momentary Truth

Words spoken in the spur of the moment
Without the realization that others are there
When the meaning of words become torment
And I’m torn between what’s right and fair
Each word spoken tears right through the flesh
But it’s the memory etched into my mind
Which incinerates through an image once fresh
Innocence per say, but agony entwined

A fragile bind but a heart warming moment
To see a smile stretched endless miles
But time ventures into discrepant components
Dissent and discord – thus emotional trials
Unbreakable ties tether not one but two
Yet the one yearns bondage, the other, liberty
Bondage to a contorting love stridently true
To give up ones’ solitude for enslaved humanity

The pain which closely followed the moments
Of happiness, of love, of diversion and weakness
The desire for acceptance overwrote all impotence
Thus the valour required to speak this
This ostensible “love” ricochetted into pieces
Leaving a once complete person in shards
Whilst the determined desire to love never ceases
Letting go is not a choice regardless of the scars

Solitarily roaming the boulevard at this moment
Picking up the pieces – the remains of this love
The precarious route, no way to circumvent
Each thorn, each splinter, each whisper I touch
Tears through the freshly lesioned skin
Lacerating through the flesh unable to heal
Severing each vein, each particle within
Finally numbing it all until one cannot feel

The present takes its rightful place in time’s passing moments
The clock continues to tick as the truth blooms a lie
Wondering if the indigent would ever chose to show it
If ever it were possible to walk a path not awry
Companionship – a purported idea obliterated from the now
This idiosyncratic individuality, liberated from the lies
Yet still incarcerated by grief until love be renounced
Until the day where this anguish can be left behind

The ending is near, it’s Closure’s moment
Closure for the Battle of Beauty and Breaking
Time for the damned to once again be potent
For the broken to draw the line between loving and hating
The beauty of Love – an intangible abstract
Followed by Pain – inevitably real
To make or to break; to repulse or attract
The truth was momentary: love’s deceit appealed

~Mikaela G.~

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