Behind Those Eyes

The colours on a screen and words so clear
Reveal no more than another world out there
It’s not reality, it’s the life we now live
The information we take and the updates we give
A click of a mouse and new friends we meet
A little bit of typing and our enemies we delete.

The layout designed for each website
Can be straight or crooked; black or white
But either way it captures our sight.

The encoding and numbers of each shade
Enhance the website’s grade
But the sites we visit everyday
Expose the nature of our inner ways

The person sitting behind the screen
On the other side of me
Is writing something he wants me to see
Or something she wants to reveal

But how much of it is true?
How much is new?
How much can be reviewed
Between the writer and you?

It’s hard to discern these days what to believe
But harder yet is the task to write in all honesty

To be the write or to read
To post or to receive

Either way we surf the net
We’ll give whatever we get.

~The Insightful Blogger~

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