Everything Fades Away

They call it the ultimate fling.
They call it the ultimate fling.

Everything good fades away. Nothing lasts.
The Poets of The Fall told me what I’m worth.

Everything fades away, and this is my toothpaste moment. The smile I flash conceals the face I wear.
Because passion colours everything, and I’m still alone.

Still walking a path alone, on an open streak, out of what they think is insecurity but I just think is anger and fear.

What’s the differnce?

I’m getting close, yes, and apparantly I should not give up because I’m “getting close.”
To what??

I’m in a carnival of rust, trading diamonds for tears.

But if it were the other way around, and my tears were worth diamonds…well I actually wouldn’t be that rich, since I ain’t got no tears.

Nothing right now is worth tears. Tears are too precious. They’re worth diamonds.

I’ll save my tears for something worth it.

I’m closing in.
Come feed the rain, cuz I’m thirsty for your love. Dancing underneath the skies…
If I ain’t got your love then it ain’t nothing than this carnival of rust.

They called it the ultimate fling.

So am I ruling out my reason by keeping back what I hold dear?
There ain’t no way to explain…

When you sleep next to me, I know you’re the one.
When I hear you call my name, why do I turn and run?

I still won’t trade diamonds for tears… I’m not worth that much.
Or maybe I am.
I mean you did stop me from jumping out that window right? Well you should have let me–and saved yourself a heck load of pain.

But thanks, I guess.

OH!! I get it!! It’s supposed to rain diamonds!! So that’s how they get rich!!
Damn it, you took away the last of my tears.

When passion colors everything
The songs I sing, from way out there to deep within
The face I wear behind my grin
The mess I made to the original sin
Everything, everything, everything


It’s overrated how we underrate.

When passion colors everything. The songs I sing…
The price I pay for my original sin.

~An Insightful Blogger~

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