The End Is Only The Beginning

The end of an unedited chapter which only took so long to write, but self-indulged as the protagonist is only means that further development of other characters has been limited. Either way, there are a whole series of blank pages ahead to be filled with new words and phrases. Watching the letters form words, words form sentances and sentances form paragrahs which then become an honest encounter of my own life…

Whatever happens, the future is unpredictable, and whichever characters join the story, or whichever ones choose to leave…well that’s their own free will. The difference, however, between a story already written and one in the process, is that this story, the story of my life, has no pre-planned outline. Each character within has his/her own will to come and go.

But in reality, they go and often don’t return.

In reality, there is a virtual place we escape to rekindle relationships we once had with our fellow friends.

In reality, there is a refuge.

In the story, this already is the refuge.

So by escaping life in reality, we are living it.
Because it is human nature to want a way out.

And that is why our story is in the making.

Perhaps one left, and another comes into the “picture” (written picture) but regardless, there are always ways to “move on” in the story.
Just keep writing.

And when one becomes a friend, getting over the other seems so much harder. The words suddenly seem limited; the thesaurus suddenly seems like an unknown language.

All for what? All for keeping the story alive? All to have no one read it one day, but have it all on paper and screen just for the sake of… life?

Somehow this seems trivial.
But there’s two in the picture now.
And I’m…

Back to the first page of a new chapter.

May life now begin.

Today is the first day of the rest of your lives.

~An Insightful Blogger~

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