There’s always something peculiarly special about snails . Whatever it is, I still can’t quite comprehend.

They crawl slowly through the dirt or water; they don’t see, they sense. They take their shelter, their place of abode with them. And yet they’re taken from the comfort of their own homes to be eaten by the next best thing. And by that, I do mean us humans .

Either way, an ex once told me that snails represent a slow and steady relationship.

But then that was before he realized that snails can be devoured . And by that, I mean ripped out of their shells and consumed slowly and enjoyably by us humans who like snails.

Anyway, why am I writing this?
I had a rather enjoyable and interesting dinner with a rather fun and interesting person. And this dinner involved (you guessed it!) snails ! Only to find out that she didn’t seem to be feeling too well after dinner. So now I sit here at work hoping that the snails didn’t get the best of her.

Now that I’m officially free from all conformity I was unfortunately thrown into (and by that, I mean my legal obligations to the education bureau are over), I can finally say, life is beginning .
And with that, I’m a free bird in the sky…and if I had a birdie it would probably fly free too.

Pun intended.

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