Summer Swine?

Great, now the flu not only has people freaking out and taking “emergency precautions” which include leaving the house as often as possible, eat from as many stalls as possible in MK, and walk around without masks or alcohol wipes, but apart from the emergency precautions, my main summer job has been canceled . I’m relying solely on TE and tutoring now.

I sit here at night, not quite alone, but I sit nonetheless, listening to the thunder and lightening not lightING as Sunny thinks (hey! I just realized, I talked to Sunny about the rain!) but the loud roars of breaking winds and vibrations rolling through the skies are a representation of my insides erupting as my anxiety builds. I anticipate with great curiosity and apprehension what I shall do in the coming years. Suppose I do not complete a degree, would I be doing the same, relying on TE and tutoring, maybe doing freelance for the press, only hoping not to be deterred by viruses?

I asked myself what I should do with my life. I figured I should start by getting one.
Which was when I proceeded to seek my mirror for advice. The image I saw was merely what I suppose I look like…

That’s when I realized another profound truth about summer life (yes, the one I need to get).

No one actually knows what they look like… the images in the mirror or camera are what you think you look like…

~An Insightful Blogger~

One thought on “Summer Swine?

  1. Amusing to read:)

    It’s very true about HK’s health and safety precautions. They aren’t that strict in the public but on the whole HK is very well maintained in dealing with the issue.

    I guess the SARS outbreak gave HK a wake up call now any type of pandemic whether it be minor or lethal… HK government ARE willing to take all precautions as to make sure nothing horrible happens.

    As for your summer plans and jobs. Don’t worry, everything has it’s way of working out. You got a few new tutoring jobs:) isn’t that great? and with TE at least it gives you time to sleep in. As for teaching at the Y, you work for a long day.
    Just keep you head up!! The sun is facing that way:)


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