Deck of 52’s

Back at home after days, weeks, perhaps a month of being away, seems somewhat different, even strange. One would think that after countless occasions of having no free time, every chance to access the instinct of roaring and soaring would be taken.

But sadly, no. As I currently sit at home, actively passive, too unmotivated to even use my own computer (the fact that I’d choose to use a watered down version of a computer, which up until years ago, was still mine) I realize that the summer of a post-grad is finally here.

Anticipating with great anxiety a future which is bound to leap into my arms any day this month… the confinement within my own home, despite the fact that I have a choice to roam the streets at my own will; go any place at my own will; spend any of my own money at my own will, but the ultimate hindrance?

My lack of motivation to do anything other than sit with my pack of 52s (I have long ago given up my pack of 20’s… supposedly) and try my hardest to maneuver the deck single-handedly.
I only wonder…with my whole life ahead, a library which will be closed for the next 36 hours, various decks an an inspirational movie… now how much trouble can one get in if they develop a new talent or skill? There’s only one way to find out…

But then again…the only way to learn would be from the very beginning.
And we all know how I can be with beginnings.


~An Insightful Blogger~
Scratch that.

A bored blogger.

That's what they call a straight A student...
That's what they call a straight A student...

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