Prop 8? Or Prop H8?

Somehow, after reading through various impacting articles, I regard these following articles and possible statements with much disconcertion. In knowing that I live in a society which seemingly dismisses a real-life issue, active around us, I realize that there is little a mundane citizen like I can do. However, shall my minimum efforts proof myself wrong, I will be rewarded with yet another oxymoron: a peaceful community.

So what now, is this disconcerting information I have digested?
Well, seeing both sides of the argument, weather it be from a political, religious or scientific standing, the argument for politics and religion seems to be the most withstanding by far. Ironically, cohabiting a city which strongly supports science, I find it hard to believe that the law consists of arguments without scientific recognition.

Politically speaking, the society believes in the universally acceptable and recognized marriages, and despite Obama’s speech in the beginning of the year to protect gay rights, it saddens me to know that more has been done to prevent gay marriages as a civil right, and we are now put on the same level as incestuous. Not only is this socio-politically true, but according to the republicans voting for Prop 8, gay marriage is now recognized as marriage to beasts.

Although the argument can be made that gay rights aren’t any more important than ethnicity rights, religious rights and so forth, Idaho (and other States) legalized firing employees based on orientation. The law even banned homosexuals from “exposing” themselves if in the military.

In some ways, it’s just that homosexuals are taking more action to prevent discrimination than other civil rights’ groups simply because the law already protects other minorities.

Even so, little can be done to change what is; and thus the law is always changing, there is even less predictability for whatever predicament we may unfortunately be thrust into.

As for now, all we can do is broaden our knowledge regarding what is going on.

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The Office Pool: Gay Marriage in 2009

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California Proposition 8

~An Insightful Blogger~

More elaboration to follow.

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