When Dreams Come True

You’re on a train standing in between two carriages but it’s just there. You know it’s an important part of the train, but if it could be avoided you’d much rather stand somewhere else.

But then you realize that the company you have makes the ride worthwhile.

Saw Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince. I still remember the suspense of reading the book 2 summers ago, and the desire to carry on to book 7 could only be quenched the summer when the final book of the series was revealed.

The movie was like the link between two carriages; oh so important but could go unnoticed.

The movie consisted of a series of “the latest couples” and then Dumbledore dies; but how much can one put 700+ pages in 150 minutes?

Regardless, the company makes the ride worthwhile.

Still ahead, Hangover. Not mine, of course, but the movie featuring Bradley Cooper and Ed Helmes.

For now, just watched “Look Who’s Talking” with John Travolta. Somehow reminded me of Family Guy, where the baby is incredibly smart, but always misunderstood!

Well, back to cutting out papers for little ones now. All in the name of (dare I say it)…

When Dreams Come True
When Dreams Come True
Car of The Year (2009) - Vauxhall Insignia
Car of The Year (2009) - Vauxhall Insignia

Always keep the girl happy.

-An Summer-Bitten Blogger-

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