Curvy…With a Little Edge

Summer always brings the strangest hobbies, habits and new things to do. Yesterday I found myself cutting papers for little children; the starfish were large, but the sun had to be curvy, with a little bit of edge, just how I love my girls.

This morning I found myself researching eclipses. Yes, you got that right, Hong Kong did, as a matter of fact, experience a partial eclipse which lasted around 6 minutes. More information here.
Next Lunar Eclipse to take place on New Years Day 2010. That’s right baby, Jan 1st!

Currently in the process of remixing music, but if anyone can please assist me in region splitting, ie taking out the beat of a pre-made song then that would be highly appreciated and ever so rewarding, for both of us.

Other than that, new songs up soon. Hopefully by the end of next week.

Throwing in some random research. In the case that I am accepted to uni, then this should prove helpful.

As for now…

Only time will tell
As I sit and watch you fall for my spell.

Or perhaps my imagination is playing tricks
But I know a hottie when I see a chick

Take your time.
I only have infinity.

Your One And Only

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