When I See You I Run Out of Words To Say

Have you ever stopped to think then forget to start again?

For reasons which will forever remain a mystery, I decided to google topics which remain of no interest to the average man. On the other hand, if the average man did, for instance, pay some attention to these topics then perhaps he will no longer be the average man…he would be the type of man who actually cared about people other than himself.

Enough with this purposeless nonsense as you may well be wondering if this blog has a point.

It does.

This lovely afternoon, after the gym, I stumbled upon a list of what girls want in relationships. Although the continually speculated theories continue to roam, making women seem impossible to satisfy, the sudden realization that it is not that women are impossible to satisfy, it is that men cannot meet all of the basic needs a women asks for.

See, according to Cuccan, WHAT WOMEN WANT is
1. Faithfulness
2. Kindness
3. Equality
4. Helpfulness
5. Respect

Simple enough? Or so you think. But think about this: history was in favour of polygamy, meaning that faithfulness is out of the question. In the past, men also didn’t care much for the woman’s existence: their purpose in life was merely for child-bearing. Thus, kindness is also but a myth.

As for equality, this is clearly self-explanatory.

Helpfulness is also seemingly unimportant, for noble men had servants and women had maids. Men were not expected to help.

And finally, respect. Historically speaking, it was never the man’s obligation to respect anyone who was not of status, and women were rarely given any form of status.

Yet with history out of the way, and us living in today, one may think that much has changed. But if this were the case, then why does society continue to portray girls as impossible to satisfy? If men were truly able to live up to all of the above then wouldn’t the woman naturally give him what he wants?

Which brings me to another important point: men are so unbearably predictable…it’s not hard to give them what they want because their “needs” are their wants. So when a girl claims that she wants a guy who is good-looking, does she realize that she is
being just as shallow as the guy saying he’d “tap that”?

Behold, tis this list which disappoints rather than angers me. Tis this list which portrays females as impossible to satisfy. Be that as it may, perhaps it is the male which is unwilling to compromise.

A man can never love unconditionally…there’s always a catch.

More elaboration on that last quote to come only upon request.
I can prove it.

As for now, I have to get back to work.

Said you’re beautiful
So damn beautiful…

~An Insightful Blogger~

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