Where The Good Times Roll

Finding the summer more and more entertaining as the days progrees. The future unfolding into the present will only leave us in suspense regarding new flings and happenings. Yet given the circumstances these events take place, and multiple ironies dominate the area, I find myself more amused rather than paranoid.

With adventure dominating the air and thrill seekers roaming our territory, I only wonder when this little group will become more than just a “group” and acutally become familiar with each other… if you know what I mean…

Yes, I am daring. I am explicit. But I am also up for some fun.

As for adventures…
well Tuesday sees me swimming with two very amazing people in my life… Wednesday sees me having lunch with a rather eccentric and peculiar friend…
Thursday, at least by the looks of things, sees me watching a movie, then dining, then partying with some very spectacular people (I hope you’re reading, because yes, I mean you)!

As for the rest of the week, we can only see how it unfolds!
And down with the assholes for so many chicks these last few weeks seem to have been getting hurt by them! Why?!

Suppose summer time is for flings and not for relationships! At least that’s how things are looking now…

Well…good luck to all you who are trying to find your way!
It’s still summer, so go have fun!

A movie just waiting for me to see
A movie just waiting for me to see

Put down the magazine and get off the phone
There’s a place I wanna show you and it won’t take long…

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