If I’m Doing It, I Know You Are Too

Sometimes love comes around… you gotta get up when it knocks you down

My apologies for the rather sentimental start for this blog, but sentimental is not a word which can describe my current predicament. Amused would be a more appropriate word…but my, how the tables have turned. As I am currently still writing my life story, I’m beginning to think ahead and plan the next chapter. Current happenings aren’t hindering me, but I can’t say they’re inspirational either…

Amused by how people can be so unpredictable, with a frontier of courage to magnatise all who cross their paths, but in reality, their insides conceal a truth, a fear, a desire.

In other words (in other, harsher words) all talk no play.

I cannot sit here and ponder each possibility, because what goes around comes around, and every action I personally have done can only contribute to complicating these possibilities.

Which reminds me of a rather enlightening conversation I had with a boy who knows me fairly well… Let’s just say… Life is complicated. And I’m just Mikaela.

That’s all I can say for now. No insight, no further elabortaion.

For now.

We’ll see where the river flows.

When granted the power to metamorphose into anything or anyone of desire…

This power is dangerous.
This power is lethal.
This power is a weapon.

This power… is rare.

~An Enligntened Blogger~

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