No Pain, Double Gain

 …and in the process I’ve made two great friends…

It’s strange how a great sense of perspective can be achieved in a span of only a few hours. After a morning and partial afternoon of contemplating and conversing, a fresh and more sober reality has finally managed to sink in. Despite the rather cynical entries in my previous blogs, one the (I hate this word), but once the impulsitivity has worn off, this new era in life is actually quite relaxing and simple.

More to appreciate, less confusion; more freedom, less obligation.

Now that all is good, I can genuinely say that I want the happiness of you both. I can, in all honesty, declare that I have reached a certain sense of serenity regarding the fact that you are both happy. So please accept that I am not faking or pretendinganything (although I have portrayed myself as so in the previous blog, as I was still rather drunk) but my heart is for both of your happiness.

But one last thing: it would actually piss me off when society starts telling me how I’m supposed to feel, because honestly, I most likely don’t possess the stereotypicalemotions, especially after numerous occasions of repetition, moving on seems to come naturally now.

So please appreciate my support, because I appreciate your happiness.

You both mean a lot to me, and I would sincerely hope that I, too, thus I am happy for you.

~A Sobered Up Blogger~

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