Profoundness of Profanity

Many profound words have been spoken in the course of the last few weeks, even though many of them are forgotten or resolved by the time this blog is reachable. Hence the down-to-the-point, less interesting blogs in my prior entries.

With society causing me to doubt my actions and re-actions, I constantly wonder what could have happened, should I have decided to step up rather than back off.

Perhaps nothing was happened, but I can not be the one to stand in the way of any possibility.

So now, life moves on slower than I do! (I just got that).
Today, meeting Matt for lunch and then contemplating a random visit to SR or maybe the gym.
Tomorrow, no plans yet, which most likely means gym.
Monday and Tuesday, I will be away from civilization (yes, I am quoting you dear) meaning it will be impossible to reach me any way aside from the phone. I was promised that the electricity and buses will still be running, upon my arrival, which is quite reassuring, considering I’m leaving here and going all the way to DB!

That’s all I’ll be updating for the weekend.
I think.

Happy August!


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