The f(x)

Progression in the past few days has forced me into a mode of contemplation much beyond general expectation. Given time away from the city and a lovely break with some lovely people, any opportunity to breathe is inevitably taken without a moments’ hesitation.

Thus, in the recent days (perhaps weeks), the realization that true gratitude hasn’t been given to those who truly deserve it, so in all, I owe my ex-girlfriend a true thanks for granting me multiple excuses to become a devoted asshole and devour in an excusable attitude re-adjustments. Although the past has brought upon much (I can only call it) training, I have drawn inferences based on a person I used to know. Much has changed in the recent days, and I cannot say, with complete honesty, that I fully comprehend the situation.

Much as I have been able to detach from what they call “emotion,” memories, knowledge and rationale seem to interfere with a once-perfect plan.

Everyone thinks they know what they want
Until one factor changes.

Those are called variables. The changes you see in others, the “canceling out” and “crossing over“; the replacements, these are all variables. And just like an equation, the outcome is only pre-determined by the steps you take to reach a solution.

Recent events have forced me into a state of backtracking to check my steps. Somehow the result was somewhat unexpected, thus there must have been something wrong with the steps, but so far it all seems correct.

Perhaps I’m doing what I do best: “manipulating” the factors to fit the solution… but it’s not easily manageable.

And with experience you can always spot the mistakes.

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