Just Because I Can

Everyone thinks their life is dramatic…
But in reality, it’s just life.
~Kristine B.~

From the protagonists’ perspective, one would think that life is a lot more dramatic than it really is. From the outsider’s POV, reality just is: no more, no less.

Thus, in a series of what I once thought to be dramatic or complicating events, I have now come to accept as sheer reality: nothing more, nothing less. But when this reality becomes a little more exhilarating, a little more fun, a little more interesting, a little more, well… frivolous, fun, flirtatious, free, then you start to appreciate this new found freedom in which you are bound to.

Anyway, I’m not actually in the mood to write these days. Too busy doing, a little less reporting. I just felt weird leaving my last blog as a negative and somewhat sentimental blog.

We all yearn to be bound to freedom.


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