Can You Be That Reason?

If you’re willing to be that reason, then I’m willing to make that change.

She is the reason I’m willing to make changes. The motivation I need to make me a better person. The one that keeps my head down to earth and my heart in the clouds. She is the smile on my face, the face in my head. The purpose of waking up in the morning, knowing that she exists in my life.

She is the one who I can make that change for.

Yet after all these months, she doesn’t even realize how much she means to me. The attention she seems to enjoy, and somewhat appreciate, but (and I know the fault is entirely mine) the fact that I held it as a secret–this desire to be a better person, this need to improve my lifestyle, the person I want her to remember.

She is the reason that I still believe…

The last few days have unfolded events which caused me to realize that my mere existence has quite an effect on people. And not all positive. It is vital for me to change certain habits, but the lack of motivation is only causing me to…deteriorate? Regardless, I just wish she could actually see the difference she makes in my life. I just wish I could prove to her that it’s her.

And that it has been for quite a while.

I just wish she can be that reason.
That motivation.


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