Progression Indeed

Few words can explain the state of mind which I currently possess. Going through the motions of eliminating all complications from life and plunging into what one may call “simplicity.”

Oh simplicity, what a beautiful place to be. Not all who go there ever have the fortune of returning to complications, but then again, once the destination is reached, few venture upon return. Simplicity, as known to some, may be a state of tranquility in which not much is expected, thus even less is given in return. On the other hand, it could also be known as a state of ultimate nonchalance, in which one can be indifferent and still enjoy the freedom of self-indulgence. Whichever the definition for my current state matters not, yet the knowledge that I have successfully removed most complications is somewhat uplifting and reassuring.

My existence now is simply to gratify and satisfy those who deserve is, and make those vital changes before I take my next step forward.

Amidst a challenge not so much to prove myself, but more to expose a version of a me which is more understandable and less confusing, I realize now that my subtle motives cannot be subtle. Doubts are few, and hope is great, but reality is what makes it hard.

Nonetheless, I shall accept this challenge with less anxiety, more excitement. This challenge which I realize may end in a drastic change, not only for me, but those closely involved. And honestly, at this point, most don’t even know if they are.

Thus, I shall leave this up to you. And for now, may changes take place, and lives be touched.

Alright, enough with the hoary, down to business.

And for now, may all who dare to, take that plunge into happiness.

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