Fear of The Unknown

Any minute I’m not with you
I hope I’ll see you soon
There’s just something that happens
When you walk into the room…

~FM Static~

Whilst washing dishes this fine morning, my mother and I engaged in a rather amusing and somewhat fascinating conversation. It started with me pining about why the most eligible females in my life happen to be straight. Her response then lead to her prompting me to find an older figure in my life, such as a mentor, to guide me. Almost instinctively, I said “Well, that depends…would that older figure guide me to my next hot girlfriend??”

At that, she laughed and said “I highly doubt that will happen!” then jokingly added “You’ll get with a monster boyfriend!” (Geez, thanks mom! :P)

Problem with that, however, is that I wouldn’t date a monster, nor a boy, so double jeopardy still leaves me submerging myself in the beauties of being single, which in all honesty, beats being thrust into polarity of two discrepant figures…

What absolutely drives me INSANE though, is the amount of people who are too afraid to take the plunge. If I had a penny for each time I heard the same excuse…the same stereotype which people give themselves. The same


Regardless, it isn’t I who should “get over it”. It isn’t I who needs to find something new. It isn’t I who is losing out on amazing part of life…

But at the end of the day, everybody wants to be loved, everybody wants to be appreciated. Everybody wants to matter to someone. Everybody wants to be somebody’s everything

Please don’t ask me what I like about you
Cuz it’s every little thing you do…

FM Static
Moment of Truth
Hey Now


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