Never Be Afraid To Love and To Love Again

I met her at the club that night
Around was spinning records
And my heart said
“Hey now, hey now, hey now”
~F.M. Static~

As one may have already presumed, my love and addiction to FM Static has resurrected. Not so much in precipitating emotion, but somehow the more each song is played, the more accurate the lyrics become in describing my every move.

Nonetheless, this is not the purpose of this blog.

This morning my mind ruptured as an abundance of thoughts clouded my head. The most significant being one of the few quotes my aunt sent me for my birthday last year.

Never be afraid to love
And to love again.

How this actually relates to life as of now, well, I shall leave this enigma up to the future to resolve itself. And indeed it will, only because I know progress is in the process.

Speaking of enigmas, this only reminds me of a rather jovial conversation in which I and a new friend engaged in. Somehow (the “how” is still a conundrum) but the topic of my “love life” seemed to fascinate the lovely ladies whom I had the pleasure to spend time with last night. In any case, the act of arousing mystery and obscurity resulted in a rather entertaining evening!

Yet in terms of simplicity, my love life is said to be non-existent. However, realistically, one could argue that that aspect of life is actually in the process of progression.

Should the near future create a new journey for me to venture, this mystery will be a mystery no more.

Touching the waters
Waiting for the tide to pull me in.


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