Baby you can be my punk rock princess
I can be your garage band king.
Something Corporate~

Ironically, the fascinations of life never cease to locate me. In lying low and waiting for so-called drama to subside, another series of amusements found me and kept my mind aloft. Little insight can be shed at this point in time, but in the case that something actually happens, my fellow friends and reliable readers will be the first to discover this new dilemma I’ve once again been thrust into.

As for current happenings, my sickness seems to be healing, which is great! Obviously!
Although with the stronger meds which the doctor prescribed to me, the side effects aren’t all that pleasant. Migraines here and there; now and again; occasional nausea and loss of appetite. Restlessness and irritability… At least it’s only for a couple more days!

But music keeps me going. Music, and of course you!

So for everyone out there looking for great music, and by music I mean MUSIC! Here are some suggestions.

Lesley Roy – I Don’t Want To Want You
Something Corporate – Punk Rock Princess
Joshua Radin – I’d Rather Be With You
Rolling Stones – As Tears Go By
Shontelle – Stuck With Each Other

Alright, I ought to continue resting and doing nothing now, because apparantly that’s one of the best meds which can’t ever be prescribed. Yet my disappointment and annoyance at the fact that facebook is refusing to work on either of my computers grows continually as I’ve had to resort to use my phone with a two inch screen to check for updates! Regardless, at least I have some form of technology to keep me alive!

More updates as life progresses.

Cuz it’s too late
There’s no escape
Might as well face it…
Baby we’re stuck with each other.


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