Hanging By A Moment

I’m standing here until you make me move
I’m hanging by a moment here with you.

A lot lies in a moment: the agony in waiting for reality to unveil its deepest and darkest truth. The truth is never what hurts; it’s the denial. According to Chris Crocker, truth is what heals. Truth feels soft and comfortable.

Yet despite this knowledge, the waiting process–the sight of people around denying the truth about themselves–this hurts. This knowledge that people have an image of themselves which they portray themselves as–the person they perceive to be their true selves. But with this perception ultimately jaded, who’s to say they’re giving their BEST? Their full-potential?!

Suppose it’s just been too long. Too long since I’ve been yours. Too long since I’ve been able to form something not only mutual but also stable. Suppose my dreams unexpectedly come true…yet if I’m expecting the unexpected, thus I’m still expecting, well, something afterall?

This life is overrated
But I hope that it gets better as we go.
~3 Doors Down~


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