Here Without You

If everyone cared and nobody cried
If everyone loved and nobody lied
If everyone shared and swallowed their pride
And we see the day where nobody died.

Gibson Les Paul Supreme
Gibson Les Paul Supreme
My Future Baby...Ibanez Seymour Duncan!
My Future Baby…Ibanez Seymour Duncan!

She was the girl who went to church twice a week. She was the girl who everyone knew. She was the girl who was best friends with teachers and worst enemies with the smart students. She was the girl who had the perfect life with the perfect family and the perfect lover. She was the one who got good grades with little effort. She was the one who people sought for sympathy. She was the one who identified with other people’s needs. She used to be the insecure one who thought she had it all together. She was the innocent one.

He’s the one they see up on the stage, guitar in hand, strumming away to a solo impressing all who lay eyes upon him. He’s the one who’s parents trust him to go out late at night. He’s the one who’s parents let him work and do what satisfies him. He’s the one who no longer has to prove himself, for who he has become is known clearly to his friends. He is the loyal and logical one. He is the one who will give you a brutal piece of his mind (and fist) should you decide to aggravate him. He is now the stud.

What if you could wish me away
What if you spoke those words today?
~Joshua Radin~

Between him and her lies a confused person figuring out each next step, each next decision. Lies a person wanting to experience all that both he and she have offered the world. Between him and her, lies a person wanting to know what it is to be treated the way both he and her treat people. What it would be like to experience this form of flattery, this form of frivolous fun which many others have the privilege of experiencing.


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