Plantlife Sun Shines Through Your Love

Because you don't wanna miss out
Because you don't wanna miss out

“The city feels clean this time of night
just empty streets and me walking home to clear my head.”
~Empty Streets by Hed Kandi~

That song was from their 2005 mix, but still a beautiful song nonetheless. I’ve started to realize that as the years go by, Hed Kandi’s music evolved from Armin van Buuren’s trance-house style to a more unique electro-house style, which is why in the recent months I’ve been able to appreciate them more and more each day.

Electro-house music creates wonders though, one can say; not so much in the sense which the ignorant label it “high music”, but more in the sense that due to its systematic beats and more or less lack of lyrics, electro-house has a calming effect, providing what I like to call a sense of clarity of thought. Tis very true though, music does define one’s personality more than emotions define one’s taste in music.

Regardless, I do hope that at least 10 people will show up to this weekend’s event, because I really want to experience their music in an atmosphere where everyone’s appreciating it rather than just listening to it at home or on my iPod.

In any case, moving on. If you haven’t watched the movie Orphan, you really aren’t missing out on much. The first half of the movie is brutally scripted but simultaneously beautifully written; however, as the movie progresses, one starts to notice the absurdity and predictability of the cinematography used in creating this film. The last third of the movie leaves everyone on the edge of their seat not in suspense or agony but in the annoyance which the movie creates. The fact that every sequence of events can be avoided should the movie characters act a little more realistically and a little less dumb.

Because in reality, no one is dumb enough to give a mental killer that amount of freedom.

In reality, no one gets away with so much.

In reality, the mother is always right.

So for those of you who truly know how to appreciate the divine insanity of a time-wasting movie, then this movie is just for you!

As for movies I really want to see, here’s the list.
Inglorious Bastards
My Life in Ruins
The Taking of Pelham 1 2 3

I’ve already shot-gunned who I’m watching the first two with. As for “The Taking of Pelham 1 2 3” I’ve heard it’s amazing. Knowing Denzel Washington is in it already erases any doubts I would have had, because his movies I shall never hesitate to appreciate.

And this all started from Inside Man and Deja Vu.

So anyone interested in thought provoking and action-oriented humour, please don’t hesitate to inform me. I am free most mornings and afternoons!

It’s the charm.
The charm, the charisma and ego.

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