Your Beat Sounds Like Disco Lips

I’m captivated by the way you turn my body on
~Raw ft. Amanda Wilson~

Hed Kandi was not amazing. It was beyond amazing. From the moment the crew gathered in the park to the moment we received our credit card lookalike tickets, we all had a feeling that it was going to be a good good night.

Not only was the music purely AMAZING, but the company, the atmosphere, the people. Despite the random attitude I got from my girl…who happened to have a very valid and justifiable excuse… Just who can resist such sweetness??

Anyway, the fast-passing weekend resulted in me waking up this morning and wondering what day of the week it was!
Thus, after my interview I took a trip to my past and picked up something from my former school.

Tension tension.

Lunch today was great though–it consisted of Kristine doing a lot of laughing and me doing all the talking. As usual! I felt lazy today, so I rescheduled all of today’s sessions and spread it through the week, freeing me up a little more.

Relatively speaking.

Personal Statement was a success–now I just have to get accepted. And I start studying in OCTOBER!

As for today, I shall leave this random pointless update as it is, and continue my attempts at entertaining everyone else at a later stage in time.

Adios, amigos!


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