For all those House fanatics out there, I’m sure you can rationalize with my inability to sympathize during people’s most vulnerable moments. As for the arrogance and insensitivity, I may not have reached Dr. House’s capacity yet, but knowing that I have the capability to achieve something of similar relevance, I am aware that I risk many a consequence.

Although one cannot force another to rationalize and logically deal with life’s “lemons,” one still has to patiently analyze and advise even when it is clear that all said will be disregarded in a matter of hours.

All for the sake of those you care about.

Regardless, with my mindless rantings out of the way, I shall proceed to report about new happenings in life.

  • Paramore’s cover of Use Somebody by Kings of Leon is amazing.
  • Read My Mind by The Killers if you’re into alternative punk.
  • Armin van Buuren did a mix of Human, also by The Killers. Definitely worth a few listens!
  • Hed Kandi’s 2005 mix of Empty Streets withe Late Night Alumni have such beautiful lyrics, I just can’t get over it.
  • Another old song by quite an old band–Forever by Papa Roach. The verse might not have as catchy a melody as the chorus though, but it’s still a good song nonetheless.
  • And saving the best for last, one of the most meaningful songs to me right now is Ayo Technology by Katherine from Ministry of Sound. This acoustic remix version beats 50 Cent’s one hands down!

I also managed to see My Life In Ruins last week–epic movie, but it was (in all honesty) more of a slapstick-humor type of comedy. Final Destination 4 had amazing graphics (the 3D was rather impressive, I must say) but the storyline, acting and ending were not, in any way, impressive!

As for technology, I’m debating between the iPod Nano Video 16GB or an iTouch 16GB / 32GB.

The new Logic Studio is out too! But seeing as I still haven’t used my current version to its maximum capacity, it would be simply selfish and arrogant of me to purchase a state-of-the-art software when I haven’t even fully achieved my full potential yet.

But this last point is probably the most important of all technological questions…buuutt it’s that time again, where I have to rack my brain and shake my account and decide which is the most practical yet simultaneously affordable phone for me. So far I’ve come up with the Nokia E63 or the 5310 ; Samsung F490 or maybe just stick to a Sony Ericsson. I considered getting an iPhone, but I figured that since the iPhone 4G is coming out anyway, I could wait for reports on that…but then again, it’s only worth it if I know for a solid fact that I’ll use it to its fullest. But so far, I don’t know that, so…no iPhone. My final consideration was reserved for the HTC Touch Pro, but the main problem I seem to have with it (as well as many other technological gadgets in the world) is that it runs off Windows.

And that is not something I condone. See, for some strange reason I decided to stay on the bright side of life and become one of those Mac fanatics for reasons which I might actually blog about very soon. But for the record, I only criticize Windows because of personal experiences and contrary to popular belief, I do not have anything against  those who choose not to purchase virus-free, smart and sexy looking, innovative Macs, because for the same reason as my objection to buying an iPhone, I know that with Macs, its value comes from its usefulness.

Well, that’s all for today. New blogs as life inspires.

I’m tired of using technology…
I need you right in front of me.


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