Too Much Rain

I absolutely love the rain. I love walking through floods. I love it when I get dripped on by other’s umbrellas just because they’re shorter than me. I love getting bumped around and having rain smeared all over my arms and pants.

I love that when I get to work my shoes are wet and my socks stick to my feet, and I have to wait in the air-conditioned office while my feet slowly wrinkle and crinkle into crumpled skin.

For those of you who can’t read sarcasm (you know who you are), I do not love getting dripped on. I like getting wet but certainly not by rain (pun intended).


–THE typhoon in Philippines has subsided slightly, but the rain is unnerving unending. It’s nearing the electricity wires now, and if the government doesn’t shut off power until the water level decreases then the city risks getting electrocuted. However, if the government opens the dam, over 2,000 people will be left homeless.

–SOUTH-PACIFIC has been hit by a Tsunami. Around 300 people have died and more have been reported missing. This was less than what the government had originally estimated.

–SENIOR UN OFFICIAL Peter Galbriath was asked to leave Afghanistan for a given amount of time because he angered someone in the Afghan cabinet.

–INDEPENDANT FILM MAKER Michael Moore is on the move again–threatening to remove any congressional democrat who “stands in the way of [his (and others’)] health-care plans.”

KRISTIN CAVALLARI from The Hills is not dating John Mayer.

FAME, the 2009 remake is out. I am officially seeing it tomorrow!

Fame--the 2009 remake.
Fame–the 2009 remake.

 –I still can’t decide which phone to get.

MINISTRY OF SOUND 2010 Annual Global Underground 2 CD set was released on the 28th!

More updates soon.
Enjoy the long weekend (which makes no difference to me since my life is one big holiday).


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