You Have To Fall In Order To Mend

What life has been reduced to.
What life has been reduced to.

Could you look me in the eye
And resist the urge to lie?

Days have passed and the realisation that many like me are caught in a constant tug-of-war between one’s internal state of mind versus the external pressures social conformity. As one continues to explore the different mentalities and structures in life, fragmented thoughts and variable ideologies continually cloud one’s mind and perception of reality.

Despite the countless amounts of arguments which can be made defending each angle of moral relativism, one’s personal conclusion and inference can only be drawn when each conflicting idea is brought to a compromise and equal evaluation of standards. Deep as this may sound, it’s only a result of a prolonged processing of anger and annoyance.

Anger because my selflessness was taken for granted and my existence is thereby insignificant. Annoyance, on the other hand, because the ignorant selfishness of another seems to have constant and conflicting interference with not only my, but my peers’ happiness and enjoyment. Perhaps I am, at times, serious, but only because (in this case) it’s affecting more than one. This to say, that if this annoyance were none but mine, and only mine, then this type of reaction would be unnecessary. But alas, this is a conclusion combined by those in whom she means a lot to.

Nonetheless, on a lighter, happier note…

  • Apple came out with the new Logic Express 9 which I now officially own!
  • Apple has proposed refreshing versions of the iMac every 7 months, and has come out with the new rounded edges, ultra thin 20 / 24″ iMac. (see Apple Update)
  • The Senate panel OK-ed the new health care plan. (CNN Blog)
  • Obama proposed to repeal the “Don’t Ask! Don’t Tell!” ban for the U.S. Navy. (see here)
  • It’s that time of year again, where 5 year olds are applying to primary schools. Each innocent, uncorrupted child is now undergoing the process of being interrogated, and in under a year, will be thrown into Shark-Acadamia of the Hong Kong Education Bureau. As their childhood is starting to become a figment of the past, their future is molding itself into creating new academic robots of the 2010’s.
  • The White Party, featuring some of my favorite DJ’s (including DJ Tynee) will be held at The Peak Arena this Saturday, October the 17th.
  • Children of Bodom is here on Monday, October 19th
  • Arch Enemy is here on Wednesday, October 21st
  • Owl City is coming on November 18th

My sole (soul) refuge
My sole (soul) refuge

This cycle never ends.
You have to fall in order to mend.
~Joshua Radin~


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