Running Through The Monsoon

Running through the monsoon
Beyond the world, till the end of time
Where the rain won’t hurt
Fighting the storm into the blue.
~Tokyo Hotel~

I am aware that I haven’t been very consistent with my updates lately. I apologise for getting a life and living it rather than sitting behind a computer 24-7. That, and my mac is overworked. 1/2000 macs are dysfunctional and mine happens to be that 1. FML.

Anyway, so what have I been so busy doing and not writing about?

  • Being in a relationship: drama which apparently leaves me at fault. Attempting not to “take things too seriously” but for those who have stuck around long enough to know me, they’d know that I am a very contemplative and analytical person. This works to my advantage much of the time, when it comes to planning tactics and so forth; on the other hand, very few people can handle my capacity.
  • Being mediator of another’s relationship: this should be kept relatively private.
  • Working: work has been slightly less busy this week, but now with my Fridays half filled and my Saturday mornings taken for the next few months, I’ll have quite a bit to do.
  • Socialising: my friends are awesome. I realise that as I continue to connect and understand those I interact with on a regular basis, I am less ambiguious about who possesses which qualities.
  • My “fractured thumb” turned out to be a bruised bone, sprained wrist and bruised knuckles.

This can most likely be classified as “My Update in A Nutshell.” But as for further updates, here goes.

  • Jennifer’s Body is not recommended. Unless you want to be completely put off Megan Fox. The storyline was non-existent, and the movie itself was disappointing.
  • The 2010 Audi R8 4.2 is out very soon!
  • Heroine and Cocaine use is increasing in Europe but Cannabis usage has declined.
  • Megan Fox is the spokesperson for the new Giorgio Armani Underwear series.
  • Halloween was a blast. Tim Burton’s Queen of Hearts turned out to be a success. Credits to my girl for this!
Queen of Hearts
Tim Burton's Queen of Hearts


Audi R8
2010 Audi R8 4.2

That’s all for now. There isn’t too much currently worth publicizing. More updates to come.





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