Time Travel

Time travel is possible.

If someone came up to you and claimed to be a historian, would you think of him as someone who studies history? Or…would you think of him as someone who actually lived through history? Perhaps someone claims to be from the future (no, not a fortune teller), but a man who has experienced life outside of this timezone or generation.

Time travel is possible.

This does not mean that people are immortal (although an argument can be made that if a “god” or such with higher divine power crosses a so-called mortal, thus the conceived then becomes either a mortal with unusual human traits, or simply one who has discovered a way to live longer).

Time travel is possible.

The future you have today is not the same future you have tomorrow.
~Rant Casey: Chuck Palahniuk~

How am I so sure of this? When a human dies, the flesh (ie. physical) decays, but the souls still exists. Depending on various religious viewpoints, arguments can be made that the soul either goes to Heaven, an After Life, Reincarnation, or The Great Abstinence.

But this leaves one major factor: the mind. All thought and psychology of the human mind does not cease to exist, but without the human flesh, it cannot function. Thus, where do thoughts and psychology go? They do not float around as ghosts–but they have to go somewhere. This is what inspiration is all about.

Have you ever stumbled upon a “brilliant idea” which came “out of the blue?” No, this is not fate. This is not serendipity. This “inspiration” are the thoughts of a deceased person trying to find a new master. Now, every thought you conjure up, everything idea you might have creatively invented, has to come from somewhere. This somewhere, is more of a someone or something.

This, my friends, is a simplistic form of time travel.

Clearly there are more advanced types (for if the US Military can succeed in teleportation, [which by the way, they have], then it is very likely that time travel was acquired a much longer time ago).

Everything that we learn in school: physics, quantum physics, everything disproving the theory of time travel and proving that matter cannot be changed or eliminated, well this is all part of the greater conspiracy which is withholding a society or even community form overthrowing its political parties. Many of the greatest minds were only heard of after death, and most of them died mysteriously or suspiciously.

Thus, those who are in favour of anything which puts the political parties at risk are thus conspired to conspire.

Some examples:

  • The United States’ Blue Blood (Royalty) – ever wonder why it is that the only results you get when typing “Blue Bloods” on Google are either the books by Melissa de la Cruz or links to Amazon hits? (Taken from Northwestern University’s Social Sciences 101)
  • The IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Control) consists of scientists who support the idea of Global Warming: anyone who is against this ideology cannot join the committee.
  • Why George Bush was elected even though Al Gore was clearly leading? (Taken from Michael Moore’s “Fahrenheit 911)
  • Why the Democrats who are honest and do not hide their political flaws tend to move down the ladder whereas Republicans who are seemingly honest and “perfect” have a strange and mysterious way of moving up the ladder?
  • Richard Nixon’s election fraud discovered by Hilary Rodham Clinton when she was 12 years of age (Taken from “A History of Hilary Clinton”)
  • Why Hitler’s cause of death was never discovered?
  • The CIA which conspired against their own country during the Cold War and murdered any CIA agent outside of the US working for the US Government. (Taken from Legacy of Ashes by Tim Weiner)
  • Why there were no nuclear bombs found in the Middle Eastern countries allied with Russia, even though Russia had in possession various types of atomic bombs. (Taken from Legacy of Ashes by Tim Weiner).

These, my friends, are just some basic examples of what we are taught to trust, but in reality we have been conspired against.

Now, with all these political frauds and subterfuge, can we see the possibility of time travel verses the need to hide civilians from knowledge which will hinder the government from moving forward? Not only do cosmetologists support this (for time is as infinite as the universe) but Samuel Madden, Charles Dickens, Mark Twain and H.G. Wells (to name a few) have creatively spun out various view points and possibilities of this.

And, in this generation, the one and only Chuck Palahniuk brought forth a new novel, Rant, which explains the theory of time travel in this era. (Ever wondered why this book was not one of his hits?)


Think about it people.

That my heart is in two different places
I got you in my life and I wanna do right
But it’s hard to let it go.

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