The Re-establishment of “Today”

Fascinating as it may be that in just less than 2 decades ago, the world was still a chess board of assets, in which nations were no more than pieces of a game shuffled and juggled to the advantage of Greater Powers. Suppose the world were to regress into this mentality, Hong Kong is presumably one of the safest cities to reside in.

Noticeably, many post modernists have taken for granted the stability and safety of what the international society now has to offer. Despite the humanitarian fights for civil and human rights, the world is stable enough on the whole. Arguments can be made that terrorism, global warming and extreme poverty still pose a heavy threat, however on a holistic scale, these issues are inevitable and not state-avoidable. One cannot pin-point the obvious and inescapable in hopes of diverging attention away from what has already been created.

The world is more or less stable: terrorism is not an issue of the past, but without evocation, there is no need for fear in this area.

As for global warming, despite the fear and warnings against a green-house warming, there is no immediate threat posed on society. Scientists have also rejected their claims as being completely and utterly flawless, as the estimation for more than one major factor was proved incorrect at the beginning of this year.

Extreme poverty has been an ongoing issue resulting from decolonization and post-Cold War refuge. Despite the Big Three gathering to discuss post-war life in the last century, it would take much more than a combined global effort to combat the economic damage and political instability sprouted from a previous world of chaos and power politics.

As life continues to progress in the city of Hong Kong, all issues which are being fought for by humanitarian interventions seem abstract and elusive. There is no concrete idea as to how the world may possibly be outside the walls of this city, and even with the amount of international exposure via means of technological communication, everything abstract will remain as such, unless ones’ fortune is ripped entirely from his possession.

Thus, one cannot know what he has until it is taken; and one does not know what he lacks until he experiences it.

Suppose the world were to break into another stone-cold deadly war, post-war life in this new millennium will only result in re-establishing what is today rather than basic survival.

As humans advance, so do our desires to maintain this type of lifestyle.

Mikaela G.

I need to be bold
Need to jump in the cold waters
Need to grow older with a girl like you.

~Joshua Radin~

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