It’s like a cigarette, it’s something that I do
Over and over, but between me and you
It’s like a cigarette
Nobody’s really fooled
I don’t want the truth
I wanna feel fucking cool.
~Fort Minor~

 The margin for my exams is closing in by the second, and as I watch the second hand on the clock move in its steady pace – an inch every five seconds – I realize the amount of procrastinating I have been engaging lately.

Despite the level of stress I would allegedly have, the only concerns I seem to have right now is keeping those in authority on my good side until time empowers me to progress up the ladder.

As for the other aspects in life, it’s at the stage where everything is best described via categories.

As stated above, studies are not progressing at the pace needed to excel in next month’s exams. The focus and attention needed is being taken for granted when it’s evident more effort is needed.

Nothing particularly new in this aspect, although my summer seems to be looking quite bright yet somewhat tedious as the prospect of 6 weeks of seemingly incessant labour is staring me in the face.

Blossoms Blooming as the season of Spring approaches. And might I add blooming bosoms, too? 

Not much can be stated publicly, although I do realize how lucky I am, in a sense.

More updates to come as events which deserve my time occur.
As for now, that is all.

If you had one shot
One opportunity…


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