The End Of Yet Another Summer

Cuz we gon’ rock this club
We gon’ go all night
We gon’ light it up
Like it’s Dynamite
~Taio Cruz~

The inevitable end of a good summer has finally arrived, and much as the memories which were recently a part of the present have escalated to a seemingly infinite amount. With all the happenings and turning tables, many a tale is yet to be told, but even more is best kept between those involved.

As the stress level of the coming year lands itself in our laps, it becomes evident that the year ahead is going to be filled with busyness and unbearable stress. Yet despite this, the hope and potential which needs to be met is one driving force motivating progress.

But on a lighter note, ending the summer with more playful banter and starting on this new chapter of the next season. Only weeks counting until Autumn hits the city, and whilst the leaves transform into something greater, and the bland colours of grey rain clouds are thus replaced with the bright vibrance of falling leaves, the city itself continues spinning in its ignorant, unnoticing manner.

Goodbyes have been and will be said, and people will be missed, but after twenty years of residing in one of the world’s most international cities, it becomes a part of the interaction cycle: a knowledgable fact that people come and people go. And yet in my (almost) two decades of life in this city, it has been brought to my rather recent understanding that many are liked by few, and understood by even fewer. Which means that the few rarities in which I am unfashionably close to makes me a lucky one to have more than one I can call “friend.”

So with that said, I shall continue these next two weeks of pointless and aimless wanderings, while simultaneously earning trust and money with the “skills” I have unfathomably acquired. And as for those who deserve admiration and adoration, lets just say that similarities rediscovered have startled me beyond imagination, and though my purpose seems obscured (currently), the enlightenment following this new discovery has brought much joy out of desparity.

But for now, I must proceed with the proceedings of everyday life and continue to make my small contribution in a world as an insignificant yet important part of the human cycle.
That is all.

Baby tonight,
The DJ got us falling in love again.

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