The Lie Is A Beautiful Thing

You heard there was a party tonight and I’d be here,
I just saw you lookin at me even though she’s here.
I’ll do it better than her.

Sitting in a coffee shop avoiding the rain, simultaneously updating this blog whilst waiting for work to commence, the sudden realization that if all goes as planned, this time next year I will be halfway across the world venturing onto my final year of a degree. Plans are in progress, and yet the reality of it though seemingly indistinct, is far more pressing than one could have realised.

Though this new “journey” comes with overwhelming expectations (both internal and external), the apprehension that comes with a new level of discovery is both petrifying and invigorating. The thought of leaving my comfort zone behind in hopes of  allowing a better, brighter career is tempting, yet the thought of giving up my independence is threatening my sanity. Alas, sacrifices must be made before a brighter future can be ensured.

Nonetheless, new developments have been made. As an alleged summer fling progressed into what might call a “secret affair,” the thrills and joys brought by such an unexpected frisson goes far beyond anticipation. As stated many times before, a lie is a beautiful thing ruined by truth.The same way a fantasy is a beautiful thing ruined by reality. People want the lie. They need the lie. Here are some examples (according to Barney Stinson)

  • Telling someone you’re 25 when you’re actually 30. Guys wanna hook up with someone fresh and young, and the thought that you’re 25 makes you all that plus more. Soon as they realize you’re triple decades, it’s over.
  • Not knowing the person you’re hooking up with is someone your ex slept with. The knowing kills.
  • Telling someone they’re gorgeous even if they’re (lets face it) barely average, just so they’d sleep with you.
  • Having your partner convinced that you’re faithful / loyal, even though it’s evident that you’re the biggest playa on the block. The lie: you’re committed. The truth: you can’t stand having strings attached. BUT the lie is what keeps them happy, and keeps you getting laid.

These are just some basic examples of why the lie is a beautiful thing. People want to hear what they wanna hear, and the only way to get what you want is to give them what they want to hear.

Truth leaves everyone in misery, the lie is what keeps a smile on their face.

The irony: this is all true. Had this twisted reality been left perceived as a lie, everyone would be happy. Now that the truth has been unleashed, the world will continue in its belief that we are all being lied to.

Notwithstanding, we all love the lie, so long as we never find out.

Heaven holds a sense of wonder
And I wanted to believe that I’d get caught up
When the rage in my subsides
~ Delirium ~

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