Everybody Is Somebody’s Secret

“When everything seems to be falling apart, the unpredictable power of one choice can remind us of our ability to control our lives.”
~Adeline Lai

With a fabulous and uplifting break c0ming to its finale, the prospect of plunging into a routine of substance is more appealing than expected.

Despite the last few roller coaster weeks of pinnacles, only to plunge down into an abyss powering up to shoot oneself back to the peak, the remainder of this coming quarter sees the need to settle down and refocus my game.

The sudden break away from routine – with spontaneous trips to Macau, 2AM morning calls for breakfast, secret lovers and open heart breaks – the need for spur-of-the-moment activities gave me that boost I needed to start this new year (or Chinese New Year) with confidence, self-awareness and determination.

Despite having a rather erratic start of the new year, the second chance at it – the Chinese New Year – was filled with unexpected smiles and laughter, beauty and perfection. Each aspect seems to be coming together slowly, rather than suspiciously quickly. The gradual increase of optimism and hope leaves one knowing that if this were to come down again, it can only be a gradual decline.

The faster the high, the deeper the drop; the steadier the growth, the slower the decline.

Regardless of the speed, one must always come down to go up again.

Perhaps we’ve all had our fun these few weeks – fun as well as trouble, but either way, it’s almost certain that we leave behind these holidays with our secrets and new treasured memories – some in which we follow through with, others which will forever remain as hidden memories, buried alive in our psyche, uncovered again when we need that reminder that there is always something unexpected to expect.

“When everything seems to be falling apart, the unpredictable power of one choice can remind us of our ability to control our lives.”~Adeline Lai

And that is my motivation for this coming year – that whenever I feel like I’m losing control of what I’m working for, there is always, always something of substance to grasp onto. Whether it be money, studies, family and friends, at the end of the day, you are the one who is there for yourself, and you are the one whom you rely on.

Everybody is somebody’s secret – who’s secret are you?

You’re undercover
My secret lover
You’re what I need
My bullet’s in the gun.
~The Private~

Everybody is somebody’s secret.

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