No Boundaries

I fought the limit to stand on the edge
What if today is as good as it gets?
~Adam Lambert~

Just when you think the world is going nowhere, those days when you think you’ve done everything you possibly can, waiting for time to do what it does best and reveal whatever it is we’ve been waiting for…

Those days, the process of waiting – whether it be for a doctor’s appointment, for a lunch order, for a university degree, or even for a potential relationship – but the process of not knowing when it will come through is endearingly tedious. At first, the wait is bearable, the knowledge that you’re venturing out to get what you want, then wait for it. But after a while, after a very long while, when your lunch order still hasn’t arrived, or your doctor keeps you in the waiting room, but after that very long while, you start to wonder if it was worth waiting for in the first place.

And then it arrives.

Just when you thought it’s time to give up and find a new doctor, to order a new lunch set, to change majors, to find a new lover etc.

And they surprise you.

Or they disappoint.

Sometimes you feel like you’re giving so much of yourself,
But you’re not receiving anything definitive.

Those days you start questioning why
When all you have to do is close your eyes
Let time work its magic and in its passing
It stumbles upon you – gives you something lasting.

Despite all the effort and thought put into something which one isn’t even sure is coming, the fact of the matter is whatever you’re waiting for is still real, regardless of if it arrives. It’s a dream, because you have something to dream about. It’s a fantasy, because it’s not yet tangible.

But at the end of the day, it’s still real.

And that’s as real as it gets.

Every word,
However sweet, however real
Sounds so distant.
Now they float so effortlessly past me
As if they were meant for somebody else.
~When Five Fell~

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