Once A Reality – Now A Memory

When you look back to this day I want you to be able to say that you would gladly do it again ~Akon~

The present was once the far-fetched future man was sure would never arrive. Once a dream, now a reality; once a reality, now a memory.

With the future seemingly intangible, what guarantee is there that tomorrow will arrive? If tomorrow never comes for you or for me, one of us will have to face the future alone. And whether that be with a new better-half or forever reveling in the fact that the best ever is now a memory, the present will only ever be as good as the future gets.

Yet when the future becomes the present, which present is the best: the memory or the actual present?

Dreams of the future so elusive, but current happenings around us can’t even be perceived as concrete. Whatever can be manipulated or logiced into sense, however distorted or irrational, is within our control. Thus, nothing is abstract, nor absolute.

Except that statement.
Or is it?

There is no 100% because man is selfish – we give only to get. For it is mans instinct to survive, thus nothing will be done unless survival is ensured. There can be no giving unless there is something for the taking.

In others, we find what we are lacking. In ourselves, we give what it takes to gain what we’re lacking.

No sacrifice is absolute; no love is agape.

Because as a human, every breath we give back to the earth is every breath we expect to take in.

take me as I am or step aside cuz I bring my own heartbeat.

‘Cause You’re Free
To Do What You Want To Do
You’ve Got To Live Your Life
Do What You Want To Do ~Ultra Nate~

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